Angela Barrios-Cohen



DreamBuilder Program


Your Dream Life is waiting for you and this is the program to help get you there. This 3-month long intimate group coaching program will help you learn to develop a life-long skill set of clarifying + embodying your vision, as well as how to re-pattern any limiting beliefs in the way, so you can easily manifest what you would love into the landscape of your reality! Based on over 50 years of research, this is a proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation that will be with you for the rest of your life! You’ll discover exactly how to apply this system your own specific goals while taking daily steps toward the life of your dreams.

Private 1:1 VIP Coaching


This is the most exclusive way to work with me. I have a few one-to-one coaching slots available for those who are passionate, driven, and dedicated to making their dream a reality. With my personal support through tailored curriculum and our private coaching calls, you’ll feel like your transformation is in high gear! Your new normal will be to live from the highest version of yourself as you develop unshakeable confidence in your purpose. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes, challenge your current level of thinking, step outside your comfort zone, and invest in yourself and your future, this may be your next right step.

Pranic Healing


Pranic Healing is a bridge to spirituality and uses laws of nature to bring balance to the energy body, accelerating the healing process. Pranic Healing is the energy healing technology that can increase your connection and meaning in life. Discover your inner power through the
wonders of Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing and Transformational Workshops

Weekly workshops

Pranic Healing is the energy healing technology that can increase your connection and meaning in life. Discover your inner power through the wonders of Pranic Healing through workshops.

Client Love

I have had the pleasure of learning Pranic Healing from Angela Barrios-Cohen over the last four months, and it has turned around my energy levels, peace of mind, business prosperity and ease of relationships. As a doctor, I also now have a whole new set of “tools” to help heal people. Angela’s wisdom, kindness and generosity are a light in our world.
Roop Monica Gill, MD
Pranic Healing and working with Angela has had an extraordinary impact on my life. I contacted Angela 2 days before a flight for a job interview with a painful, sore throat affecting my speech. She worked on me when I was at the airport waiting to board the flight. Not only did my throat feel better, but instead of napping, I was extremely productive with work during the flight, with loads of energy over the next few days.
MB, Business Consultant
When my dad had an orthopedic surgery, Angela worked on him before and after the procedure. The incision healed so fast the doctors had never seen anything like it. When my mom had a minor stroke, Angela helped us quickly and the effects were miraculous. My mom recovered in 1 day and has had no lingering issues. I highly recommend Angela – she is kind, caring, patient, very talented and always over-delivers.
MB, Business Consultant
Use the spiritual approach. When you change the inner world, you change the physical world.
Master Choa Kok Sui ~ Achieve the Impossible: The Golden Lotus Sutras on the Science of Prosperity and Spiritual Business Management.